Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I just finished reading a book. I read 413 pages in little more than 24 hours. The book was that good. I couldn't put it down. It helps that I've been sick and haven't been up to doing anything else. I was actually grateful to be sick to have a reason to spend so much time with my nose in a book!

I picked it up a few weeks ago at my Father-in-laws house. His wife, Stephanie showed me the book at their house and after reading the description on the front of the book I had to flip open the first page 'just to read a little bit'. The little bit turned into a lotta bit as I turned page after page engrossed in this woman's story.

"I was born into a radical polygamist cult. At eighteen I became the fourth wife of a fifty-year-old man. I had eight children in fifteen years. When our leader began to preach the apocalypse, I know I had to get them out." The book chronicles her life in and her escape from a very powerful man in a bizarre radical religious group. I won't get started or I might never stop. All I can say, is this is a worth-while read. Escape, by Carolyn Jessop.

I had to wait for a couple of weeks to get to read the rest of the story because I had put the book on hold at the library and had to wait for it. I went to the library and let the kids play for a while as I read. After lunch I let the kids play and read some more. Rob came home for dinner but the smell of it made me feel even worse so I skipped dinner and read some more. The kids went down at 6:30 because Titus had only napped a few minutes and I was sick. They were allowed 2 books in bed and told they could stay up and read but they were both asleep in no time. They had too many nights of staying up too late and waking up too early. It was probably a good thing they got so much sleep. Rob had a meeting that lasted 3 hours so I got to read some more last night. I snuck in a few pages before bed and picked up where I left off just after my shower this morning. I didn't even eat breakfast because I wanted to finish the book

Some fix-it guys came to fix our sliding glass door upstairs and to replace our front door downstairs. Of course I had to keep the kiddos out of the way and put on a movie for them. I, of course, stayed in the room with them but used this time to read some more. After lunch I put the kids down for a nap and stuck my nose back in the book. At last, I'm finished. Did I mention it was a GREAT book?

Now I still feel sore, sick and beat up. My nose is running, my head is congested and my neck and back and body ache. I feel like I can hardly move. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow. As for today... I think I'm going to scour the Internet to see if I can find any updates on this woman. Did I mention her story was fascinating?

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