Monday, July 14, 2008

Fix-It Galore!

I got rather overwhelmed today looking at our unfinished house. It seems like everywhere I look things just feel dirty, undone and out-of-place. I was almost in tears by the time Rob left the house this morning... just because I'm an emotional woman, not because anything has changed lately... I just got overwhelmed.

My friends Eroica and Brenna both came over with their kiddos for a couple of hours today and we rearranged furniture, hung some pictures and got some stuff cleaned up. When Rob came home from work we got to work again installing door knobs and replacing electrical outlets. We finished the night with some painting and I finally feel like I can breathe a little bit. There's still lots left to do, but so much has been done just today even. Progress. I like progress. Of course, I'd like to snap my fingers and have it all done yesterday, but hey... that's all right!

So now, much of the downstairs is done... at least there isn't reminders in every corner that our home is still a work in progress. Now the reminders are only in some corners! We still have to dry wall the dining room ceiling, then paint it. We need to paint 3 doors downstairs, finish painting the kitchen, scrape the paint of the cabinets then repaint them, paint the kitchen ceiling, replace some light fixtures and remodel the half bath. Then we're done with the downstairs. Okay, yeah... I guess we're still far from finished. I won't get into the list of things we've yet to do upstairs. Yikes!

Oh well, all in all I feel good. We've made progress and it's starting to feel a little more like home. I have found myself missing the air conditioning in our old house... but that's a rant for another time (this place is terribly hot--upstairs especially!).

I'm going to sleep now. My feet hurt and I stink. I haven't showered yet today. Now, don't you feel like a better person because you now know all this random useless information about me and my house. Why is it that I blog? Ah, it's therapeutic that's why. And years from now I'm sure I'll find great joy out of reading all of my random crazy rants and I'll laugh at myself and my immaturity. Ah, the joys!

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