Monday, March 24, 2008

Tom Sawyer Party

Hello there, dear blog readers! I realize most of you live in a far away land... but for those of you who are Albanians who are dying for some Spring Break fun, you are invited to my Tom Sawyer Party. This is where I somehow talk you into coming over to my new Condo to help me paint it just for fun! Get it, kind of like Tom talked his friends into painting his fence :0)

Yup, anyway, I'm thinking during the day on Thursday would be super... I'm optimistic enough to think it can all be done on Thursday. We'll see! Anyway, call, email or leave a comment if you're interested in joining the fun and I'll give you more details (like an address!)

Rob will be in the process of remodeling the bathroom and there might be a hole in the floor looking down into the dining room. There will also be wet paint, so kids are probably not safe in this environment. Not that I expect any of my blog readers to be sitting at home over Spring Break wishing and waiting to do grunt work for someone else... but hey, you never know unless you ask, right?

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