Thursday, March 20, 2008

Some Things in Life are Unfair

Our family went to the funeral today of a 47 year old man who was battling leukemia. We also received word today that Rob's former youth pastor passed away yesterday. Life truly is short. I hope I always live my life with the perspective that life is short and has no guarantees.

As unfair as premature death is, my heart especially goes out to kids who are suffering. The latest to really capture my heart is a girl in our church who already captured my heart long before she became sick. She loves to play with my kids and she and her sister would hang out with them while her mom and I would do ministry, or while we had small group at our house. She and her sister, Cierra would get paid for watching kids at our small group and turn around and donate that money to the Capital Campaign at our church. Their whole family shows up early, serves during, and stays late for almost anything our church is doing. Their family is an inspiration to me, and to so many. This little girl's name is Aspen. Please follow her journey at Most importantly, please pray for this beautiful little girl!

And, as I learned from Rebekah's daddy, hold your kids just a little bit tighter today. You just never know what the future holds!

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