Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Remembering Titus

This is virtually the only picture I have of Titus since Christmas. Yikes, I think I need to take more pictures of my kiddos! In this particular picture we put a movie on for the kids upstairs and when Rob went to check on them he was sitting on Leeann's lap in a little chair and they were watching a movie together. It was so cute!

I recently wrote about the things I want to remember about Leeann at this stage in life. Tonight, it's Titus's turn.

He's got a smile so big it melts my heart on a daily basis! He's always laughing and giggling and having a grand ole' time in life. Occasionally he gives this adorable scowl, which is almost as cute as his smile! He lives life without a care in the world. I have the feeling he'll fly through life in a whirlwind of fun!

These days you can see him with a car, tractor, truck, motorcycle, airplane or train in his hand at any given moment. He's currently enjoying playing with them on the windowsills, and no about of admonishment seems to be deterring him.

When he's in trouble he hides behind something, buries his head or simply covers his eyes. He knows he's getting in trouble "but it's just so much fun mama!"

He really enjoys climbing on things. The other day I caught him on Leeann's dresser, throwing Cd's onto the bed. He would have had to climb up the side of her bed then take a leap of faith onto the dresser. Hey, he made it! He's quite gifted in the motor skills department. He's got a great arm, he can jump, hit, kick and wrestle with the best of them. He's only got one speed: Run, run, run, run, run.

He hops out of bed bright eyed and bushy tailed and doesn't stop until nap time. He usually goes down for his naps pretty easily. If he gets up from his nap on his own accord he'll bounce right back and he's up and running in no time. If he's prematurely awoken from his slumber, he's a cranky mess! Of course, those are the times I get my best snuggles, so I don't mind so much :0)

Some of Titus's Favorites:

Color: John Deere Green of course!

Movie: Titus also loves movies, Cars is his personal favorite.

Object: The blanket of course!

Pastime: Playing outside or taking a bath.

Game: Wrestling with daddy, or hide and seek with the family. Of course, he and Leeann usually hide under blankets on a bed, under the bed itself or in some other really obvious spot. But hey, it's loads of fun and laughter!

Animal: Pastor Denny's fish. He runs straight to Pastor Denny's office any time he's at the church and they have a little ritual where they talk to the fish and find 'big fish' and 'spot fish' and 'little fish'. Sometimes Titus gets to feed them too. He looks forward to this with great anticipation!

Book: The Bible, his Chuck the Truck book or anything by Dr. Seuss, but especially Green Eggs and Ham.

Rob reads the Bible to the kids most night, and now they ask for it with big ole' grins on their faces. Titus usually asks to sit on daddy's lap while he reads.

He's picking up more and more words everyday. I'm pretty sure he'll learn to speak in full sentences some day even!

One day he flipped a laundry basket upside down and crawled under it meowing like a kitty. We fed him kitty food (cheerios) through the holes and he had a blast. He's pretended to be a kitty several times since then also.

I tell you what, I think cute best describes him at this stage. It's all I can do not to follow him around all day giving him hugs and kisses. He's just one fun bundle of joy and energy. He's such a blessing to be around and he always lights up my day! Oh, how I love that kiddo! He's all I ever dreamed of in a little boy and even more. I'm so excited to watch him grow into the man God desires him to be.

So, here it is... things I want to remember about 2 year-old Titus. God knew what he was doing when he created this little boy. I hoped he would come much sooner than he did, but I'm so grateful that God made me wait. He knew we needed Titus, and Titus wouldn't be Titus if I had gotten pregnant when I wanted to. How could I have known God would answer my prayers so perfectly? Albeit I had to wait on Him. God is sooo good! I love you little man, you're mommy's favorite!

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beachbirdie said...

Spending the day on your kids is NEVER unproductive! Kids are a long-term "building project", and they are the "product" of a family. All the love you pour into being with them, simply "living life" with them, gives them a wonderful foundation for life.

The practical accomplishments (always having the house clean, etc.) don't matter nearly as much. Crud...gotta quit before I think about this...hope you can read between the lines! Someone else needs the computer...

Love you all!