Monday, March 03, 2008

New House Pictures

These are some pictures I snapped of our new house the other day while we were getting inspections done.

Notice the pretty 1970 something pink bathtub!

You might be able to see here that I snapped off part of the front of the top right drawer when I was trying to close it. The floor is warped from water damage and it's in general disrepair. Needless to say, we'll gut the whole thing and start from scratch!
The floors are quite bad too, and the paint is chipping throughout. This is the master bedroom, but I think we're going to use it as the play room. Gotta love the mirrors!
This is part of the kitchen, I didn't want to post the other part of the kitchen because the inspector guy was in the pictures. We'll paint the cabinet fronts and replace the dishwasher, but other than that we'll keep the kitchen the same.
This is our outside. It's Titus and Leeann's new cage! It's completely fenced in without a hint of grass... go play, run and be free...
Here's the living and dining room, looking into the kitchen through the little window.
This is the downstairs bath. Yup, it's a beautiful color of Salmon. It is only accentuated by the bright red heat lamp. Who thought to do such a thing? Seriously!
These are my cute kids. I'd really like to replace the rickety rail, but I've heard it's quite expensive to do, so we'll probably refrain. We've got a little amount of money that we're trying to stretch really far. We'll do the best we can!
And this is Leeann and Titus's new room. Yes, it too will get a paint job!

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