Thursday, March 27, 2008

Good Friends, Good Fun!

I had a 9 am to 10:30 pm work day today thanks to some good friends! Deborah kept my kids from 9-4ish and I painted for that time. Cindy brought me lunch and painted with me for several hours, which was SO nice!

Then I took a hiatus to pick up a few things from Freddies and grab some dinner in the deli with my family. Rob brought the kids home and I headed back to the condo where Deborah did our contact paper while Eroica and I primed the kitchen walls with kind of a dark sage green paint :0)

My feet hurt!

While we were there Brenna stopped by to get some painting instructions. Rob and I are traveling tomorrow to for his Grandparent's 80th Birthday parties and we'll come back Saturday. The timing is difficult because we're losing to prime days to accomplish stuff at our condo (and there's a lot of work left to do!), but we really don't want to miss this party!

Anyway, Brenna is going to bring Kimmee and Kelli, who are a couple of high school girls over tomorrow to keep treking along on the painting. This is HUGE blessing because there's a lot of painting left to do. We're getting new carpet put in so it really makes sense to get the painting done now, while all of the old carpet is torn out. But yes folks, painting is a tedious job that takes a whole lot of time!

It seems like I painted forever today, yet we only did 1.5 rooms (and some of the kitchen too). Next week will be crazy for us because not only do we have a lot of work to do at the condo, but we need to pack and get this place cleaned and ready for the renters on next Saturday. Did I mention that I think we're in a little over our heads as far as time goes? We've both been working hard (though Rob's been working much harder than I have) and I'm looking forward to 12+ hours in the car over 2 days. I feel like Rob and I haven't gotten nearly enough time to just sit and relax and hang out lately. Of course, we'll have to do that between my naps in the car :0) And then we'll come home and we're off again!

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