Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I'd Be Lost Without You!

Rob left for work at 8 this morning. It is currently past 6:30 and I'm going stir-crazy! He went to work then went straight to a Blazer's game tonight and I'm getting a small glimpse into what my life would be like without Rob.

I have done no housework today. NONE! Well, except for cleaning up after meals.

We ate cereal for dinner.

I just now took a bath. And put my jammies straight back on!

The kids got baths today, but I never did put clothes on Titus. He's been running around in his diaper all day. I wonder if he got cold? Hmm.

The kids have watched more t.v. today than they probably have in the last two weeks combined.

I have dishes on my dresser. We rarely eat in our bedroom and if we do we certainly don't leave dishes in here!

The light bulb burned out in the playroom. Funny, the light in the kids bedroom doesn't work anymore either. It's okay, it makes for better movie watching!

I've blogged twice today.

Other than getting utilities transferred over, going through some paper work and cleaning out the bathroom cupboards, oh, and making the bed... I have been more-or-less unproductive today.

I let Leeann play in the sink 'doing dishes' for an hour while Titus napped.

The corner kitchen cabinet snapped, and I'm clueless as to how to fix it. Seriously, the hinge (because it's a lower corner cabinet where there are two doors that swing out) broke in half. It didn't just loose a screw, the metal seriously BROKE in half!

I'm going to put the kiddos to bed right at 7 and watch a chick flick because I can!

I don't think I've brushed my teeth today. Gross.

I haven't washed my face either.

So, yes, this is a tiny glimpse into my Robless world. I have an amazing husband who makes me want to be a better woman. He gives me a reason to not be lazy and messy and unkempt like I am today. He motivates me to clean up my dishes and put clothes on my children! What would I do without him?

As an added bonus he does stuff like fix cabinets and change light bulbs. He helps with the housework and get this... he even does the grocery shopping with the kids! Yup, my husband is amazing and I am blessed. Now if I could only find a way that he could stay home with us everyday I'd be on cloud nine! I love you Rob, I'd be lost without you!

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Anonymous said...

To save you grief...take the unbroken hinge to Santiam Cabinets on Three Lakes Road, that's where we got a replacement a few years ago. Marlene