Wednesday, March 26, 2008

One Step at a Time

We got the keys to our condo on Friday, and we weren't able to much with it until yesterday. Rob and Tony (a high school boy he mentors, I used to watch him and his siblings) tore out all of the carpet and tack strips and padding yesterday. They also demolished part of the bathroom, and they're working on the rest of it today. Rob has no concern about his ability to demolish things... putting them back together is a whole other issue!

Monday night and Tuesday during the day my pain was back with a vengence. Eroica came over on Tuesday and helped me do a few basic things around here like putting away laundry, doing the dishes and feeding the kiddos. It was wonderful! Then last night my friend Deborah and I went over and did some contact paper and disinfecting in our new kitchen.

I woke up this morning feeling okay, so I'm hopeful I can get some stuff done today. I haven't gotten anywhere on the packing, other than doing some organizing in the garage. It's really hard because I really can't plan to spend hours packing at any certain time... it just all depends on how I feel. Which... has been less-than-ideal lately.

Anyway, I keep trekin along, we still have a week and a half before we need to be out of our current place. Why did I think it would be fun to move? :0)

Actually, it has been fun to throw stuff away. Honestly, how much stuff do we really need? It's freeing to pick up an item, think to yourself, "Do I want (need/use/like) something enough to go through the hassle of packing it and finding a new home for it at our new place?" It's crazy how many useless things I've kept around here simply because we have room for it. Silly huh?

Hi-ho, hi-ho, off to work I go!

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