Thursday, December 09, 2010

Disneyland! 12/9

It took a sock folded over into thirds stuck under his heel inside of his shoe, but Titus measured up at the required height of 40" to be able to ride the much anticipated Soarin' Over California!

You can see his last year's picture trying to make himself tall enough here.

I love this ride! This is my all time favorite ride. I love the sights, the smells, the feel of flying. I could ride it again and again and again. I don't think I'd ever tire of riding this ride!

KayLee skunked me at Toy Story Mania!

The crew sporting sweet 3D glasses.

We went up in Mickey's Fun Wheel. It's high up... really, really, really high up!

Leeann wanted to go on this. Rob and KayLee didn't want to get wet, so I went on it with her. We got a little wet, but not too bad!

 This pretty much sums it all up!

This face right here is what I love about Disneyland! There is so much here that is worth being excited about. This particular face was after seeing Jack Jack (The Incredible's Baby) shooting fire out of his head.

 And these beautiful faces were thrilled to see bubbles fall from the sky.

We ended our night by watching the new World of Color show. Our viewing area was right on the water front. The view would have been absolutely amazing... if we weren't a really, really short family! 

This is the view we almost had! I got this picture just after everyone started filing out of the viewing area.

It was a wonderful day. I wish I had the ability to write more, because there's so much more I'd like to journal about. But, I'm sooo tired, so I'll have to consider this one of those something's better than nothing posts.

Daily Recap:

Soarin Over California
Toy Story Mania
Mickey's Fun Wheel
Green Army Men Show
Monsters Inc.
Disney Channel Rocks Show
Golden Zephyr
Jumping Jellyfish
Silly Symphony Swings
Grizzly River Run (Robyn and Leeann)
Soarin Over California (Rob, Titus and KayLee)
Disney Dance Crew Show
Turtle Talk with Crush
The Sorcerer's Workshop
Tower of Terror (Robyn, KayLee and Leeann)
Monster's Inc. (Rob and Titus)
Monster's Inc. (Rob and Titus)
Monster's Inc. (Rob and Titus--Yes, 3 times in a row while they waited for us!)
Pixar Play Parade
Soarin Over California (2x in a row)
World of Color Show

22 shows/rides/attractions (though some repeats and some with only part of us on the ride)
4 character sightings/signings- Hip Hop Mickey, Mr. Incredible, Sully and Handy Manny


Jessi said...

I can't believe how much Titus has grown since you're last visit...and I have to agree...thos precious smiles are worth it all! Disneyland, I'm pretty convinced, is still the Happiest Place on Earth!!!

Anonymous said...

Reese would be so thrilled to see Sully!! She loves Monsters INC! Her all time favorite right now though is Pirates (don't ask me why lol). I asked her what kind of birthday she wanted and I started naming off things like; Sesame Street, Toy Story (another fav) etc. and she blurted out "Pirate Birthday!!" Such a little weirdo:) but we love her to death! Love you, Aunt Susie

becca banana said...

Oh... Soarin' could actually get ruined for you if someone starts THROWING UP from the third tier and the entire ride gets shut down so they can clean up the yuck.

Oh so sad.

I am just loving your trip highlights and really really wishing I were there. 2005 Thanksgiving was our last time. :(