Saturday, December 18, 2010

Disneyland 12/12

Ultimately we'd love to visit Disneyland once a year. But at the very least we will (hopefully) be back in 2012 when Cars Land opens at California Adventures.

These are a few of my favorite toys!

Thunder Mountain Railroad!

This is Terrance. He's Tinkerbell's friend.

I had quite a headache and I really wanted ice cream. I wanted ice cream badly enough to wait in a really really long line to get it. Titus and Rob waited patiently for us!

Titus and Leeann shared a caramel apple. Some how after a few minutes there was only apple!

We have pictures at this statue from every trip we've been on.

What a goof ball!

I was trying to mimic the statue and ended up cover Chip's eyes. Or was it Dale? We may never know!

This is a special spot for our family.

This is Snow White's Wishing Well.

We were lucky enough to see both Minnie and Mickey together when we got off of Space Mountain!

I wish the background was a little better, but regardless of the background we got a whole big family picture with Mickey AND Minnie, and no one looks entirely goofy!

We ended that night at ElecTRONica. It was basically a big ole block party.

Leeann and I hula hooped for a while. She was really good at it!

We ended the night with a really, really, really yummy bag of hot Kettle Corn. It was sooooo delicious!

Then we decided to ride the mono rail around the park and we ended up seeing our old neighbors in Downtown Disney! They recently moved down to Southern California. How crazy was that?

Daily Recap::

Blue Sky Cellar
Tower of Terror (Robyn, Titus and KayLee)
Monster's Inc. (Rob and Leeann)
Soarin Over California
River Belle Terrace (Lunch)
Thunder Mountain Railroad
Pixie Hallow
Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage
Ice Cream at Gibson's
Flag Retreat Ceremony
Snow White's Wishing Well
Fantasy Fair
Disney Railroad
Mono Rail

14 rides/shows/attractions
4 Characters (Terrance, Tinkerbelle, Mickey and Minnie)

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