Saturday, December 11, 2010

Disneyland! 12/11

We slept in a little today, got ready at a leisurely pace, then headed to Downtown Disney.

We purchased our souvenirs, then got some Jamba Juice for lunch.

The kids and I shared this smoothie. Let me see, nearly $5 each for us to have our own, or just over $6 for a really big one that we can all share? Let. Me. Think. I'll take the savings, even if it means swapping germs with my kids!

Leeann chose a Build-A-Bear (well, Build-A-Dog) as her souvenir. She bought Violet the other day when we were in Downtown Disney. She decided that Violet was lonely and needed her mommy so she went back today and bought Isabelle. Then she bought them a bed, and a rainbow fairy costume for Isabelle.

We ended the night at the Rainforest Cafe with Uncle Spencer. It was so good to spend more time with him! Some day I might even convince him to come into Disneyland with us!

Oh, I lied. We actually ended the day by going to the grocery store. I asked KayLee if we could get anything for her and she asked for carrots and celery! Then we came back to the hotel and she put herself to bed before 9. What 17 year-old does this? She's such a joy and a delight. I'm really glad we get to experience this with her!

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