Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Still Chuggin' Along

It's day 19 as 'mother' of 4, and we're all still alive and doing well for the most part... I'm not sure I can ask for a whole lot more!

I wish you could listen in for a little while just to get a small glimpse into my current world! These 4 have such unique personalities, and they all come into play all day long.

Leeann is sensitive and emotional and gets her feelings hurt right and left, so she'll come crying to me several times a day.

Logan is black and white and is constantly 'tattling' on whoever isn't following the rules. This, of course, doesn't apply to himself.

Hope plays pretty well for the most part but she can get really angry really quickly and then we settle in for a head-ache for everyone!

Titus is just loud. Really loud. The kiddo never stops talking and jumping and running.

It's funny, we have fun moments around here where all seems calm, peaceful and manageable and then we have moments of sheer and utter chaos. It's like a roller coaster!

Well, for the first time in what feels like forever we don't have any plans today. No school, no visits, no appointments, no plans. I have a really long to-do list, but nothing that has to be done today. It seems like today ought to be a 'catch-up on blogging laundry and housework' day. We'll see how this goes!

Did I mention we're trying to sell our condo? Watch me scramble the first time someone wants to come look at it! You try keeping a 1224 sqft place show-ready with four kids ages 3-5.

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