Monday, March 30, 2009

Bed Time

I was on my own for bed time tonight because Rob got a last minute invite to an OSU basketball game. I took on this challenge with zeal, and it somehow only took me several hours to actually get all four into their beds! Seriously, why do these things take so long? Arg, I'm pooped!

I have actually been too worn out on most nights to make myself a bowl of ice cream... you know it's bad when I don't even think ice cream is worth the effort!

Tonight's only really rough spot included a crash between siblings where Logan got his lip split open. It gushed blood really good which, of course, made him hysterical. I was trying to help him not get blood all over everything, wash his hands, clean up his face and not fall apart too badly all at the same time. Let me tell you, it wasn't easy! Leeann, my little nurse, was of course a big helper. Titus and Hope on the other hand--well, not so helpful!

Logan got a Popsicle (our equivalent of an ice pack for lip/mouth injuries), and by the end of the night all 3 of the other kids had sympathy injuries and requested Popsicles to help them feel better. Hmmm, yeah, that one didn't work out too well for any of them. The proof is in the blood!

After phone calls to Logan and Hope's parents, jammies, injury clean-ups & room clean-ups we sat down to do nickels. This process took like 20 minutes as they each counted their nickels over and over again. Leeann got to choose a prize from our now over-flowing prize box (thanks Aunt Barb for sending such great prizes for the kiddos, they all love them!), and she chose a Hello Kitty mini stationary set. The other 3 are close, so they were all scoping out what their next prizes will be, which seemed to take another 10 minutes.

Then we sat down to read a book that Logan brought home from school today. Of course, it was a long one that took forever to read. By the time I got the kids into bed I begged politely asked them to have mercy on me go to bed without any problems. A few tears later and minor squabbles later they finally drifted off into la la land. Some days we get 1/2 hour fits, so I was happy to see that my pleading seemed to have some positive effect.

After they were all in bed I remembered that they should have all had baths tonight. Whoops! I'm not sure I could have handled it anyway, so it's probably best I forgot. Besides, it was already past 9 by the time everyone was down, I can't imagine how late it would have been if we'd done baths.

I'm not really sure why I even sat down to post tonight. Hmmm. Apparently I thought you all needed to know how bed time went tonight. I know, isn't my blog just riveting?


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking after your exhausting routine you just needed to "talk" to someone so blogging was a good option! Feel free to talk to us in blog land anytime, we're happy to listen! Have a great day! Hope the kids earn tons of nickels! Aunt Barb (the Indianapolis one)

Diana said...

Oh my !!! ((hugs)) I have so been there (and will be!). Seriously, blogs can be a link to sanity. And around here, our kids are lucky if they get bathed twice a week because it's just too much mayhem to be a nightly occurrence.