Monday, March 09, 2009

2+2=Hard Work!

Friday night Rob and I brought my little brother Logan (5) and my little sister Hope (4) to Albany to stay with us for a while (well, until further notice anyway... don't ask... haven't I told you my family tree is weird, and full of twists and turns?)

Anyway, as you can imagine these last 3 days have been tiring! Has it seriously only been 3 days? It all seems like a blur, I feel like I've been walking around like a walking zombie! Last night, after 4 baths, potties, jammies, teeth brushed, tuck-ins, phone calls, more tuck-ins, re-tuck-ins, fits, screaming, time-outs, snuggles re-re-tuck-ins... the kids were finally in bed. 3 hours after the first shower I looked at Rob and said, "I can't keep my eyes open anymore. I've gotta go to bed." I crawled in bed and was in virtual la-la-land in about 3.2 seconds when I heard some more of the above going on, but Rob was fantastic and dealt with all of it. And all 4 kids slept until 8:45... so did I!

Today was my first day with all of them by myself. I even got all of us dressed, ready, fed, hair done and out the door. We went to Eroica's house for a little while and then took a long walk. We stopped by Jill's house along the way and she and her dog Josie walked with us for a while too. It was good to get out and walk for a while. In fact, it was really good until we were about half-way done, as far away from Eroica's house as we could be! Go figure!

Rob came home from work and I was cold (and tired, mentally tired more than anything) so I snuggled on the couch with my blanket. Next thing I know Rob has all four kids at the table, finishing up dinner, and almost an hour had passed since I first layed down. Have I mentioned lately that my husband is a rock, and amazing, and nothing short of the most incredible man alive? Well, he is! Seriously.

Tonight I was on my own for bed-time since Rob isn't yet back from a meeting for work. It sounds like I've got 3 down and 1 still battling. I'm hoping it will get easier as each day goes on and we simply establish routines and get to know each other's quarks and habits better. All things considering, it's going well, it's just a lot of work!

I feel like I've been doing mountains of laundry and loads of dishes, giving zillions of snuggles and feeding an army. Any activity some how takes 8 times as long as normal. Go figure? I feel like I'm just trying to exist... forget trying to actually accomplish something or make progress! Progress and accomplishments will certainly have to wait because these 4 won't be this little forever and for now, well, they all need snuggles, baths and clean clothes!

Don't be surprised if my blog posts are fewer and further between, with worse grammer and more misspelled words. It's my new lot in life!


Michelle said...

Sounds like maybe God had the big picture in mind when adoption didn't happen in the timing you were expecting .... Wow, I'll be praying for you and Rob. I know God will bless you for caring for "your" precious children!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, wow Robyn. I will be praying for you guys. Sounds like you've got your hands full! I'm sure your family is so very thankful for your willingness to help! You're amazing! Hang in there! I love you!


Megan said...

You're quite amazing Robyn, I must say. Your generous heart inspires me, big time.

Eugene and Christie said...

Wow! I can't even imagine - one keeps me plenty busy! If anyone can do it, you and Rob can. I think you two are amazing and God will bless you lots for taking care of those little ones.