Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Stealing a Great Idea!

My friend Jessi recently posted on her blog how she knows everyone on her blog roll. It was fun to read and make some connections. I thought I'd steal that idea and do the same. Thanks for the great idea Jess!

Rob is my husband, and my favorite person in the whole world!

Suzy is Rob's baby sister and one of my bestest friends, and mother of 3 of my favorite boys.

Michelle is a friend of Rob's from his growing up days.

Megan is someone I went to college with.

Tim and Hannah are married. Tim was a good friend of Rob's in college. He and his wife are now serving on a medical mission ship in Africa.

The Kershners are some friends of ours from our college days also. They throw great parties!

Tara was one of my college roomates. She's an amazing woman in so many ways, I'm so glad she blogs so I can peak into her crazy world (she has a son younger than Titus and twins too!)

Rebekah is the daughter of our adoption lawyer. This is journey of being diagnosed with, battling and winning cancer.

Jessi is one of my favorite friends even though our paths only crossed for a short (yet so impactful) period of time. We lived in the same hall (4th floor Henkle baby!) during our short stints at Western Oregon University. I'm pretty sure meeting her is the reason God sent me to that school for 3 short months! She married a Canadian and now lives way too far away... but she blogs, so I'll forgive her! In fact, she's the reason I went to Corban... and met Rob. Hey, Thanks Jessi!

Jennifer is an amazing mama that goes to our church. She's full of life and spunk and all sorts of good stuff. I like Jennifer lots, but our combined busyness doesn't let us spend nearly enough time together!

SaraJane is also a friend from college, though we really spent very little time as friends in school. We mostly started hanging out after she graduated and have just stuck together as friends since then. A whole country separates us now, but we chat on the phone often thanks to Verizon!

Becky is a super sweet lady I used to wash dishes with during our days working in the dining hall at Corban. In fact, it used to be Becky, Thad (her now husband) and I working the Sunday night shift. I knew there was something special between them! I was on student government with Thad too. They have 3 kids younger than Titus. Yikes!

Mike (of Mike and Becka) was one of Rob's best friends growing up. There were four of them that were inseparable. Every story about high school starts with, "When Mike, Steve, Chris and I..." I only met Becka at their wedding, which is what led to our unforgettable Disneyland trip in '07 with Mee Maw.

Stacey is Rob's little cousin who lives in Indiana. There whole family always looks like they walked off the cover of a magazine! Of course, she's just as beautiful inside as she is outside too :0)

Breanna is one of those people that I feel like I'm good friends with, even though we mostly know each other through blogging (and her letting us stay on our way down to see Mikey!) She was one of Suzy's best friends growing up, and also the daughter of Rob's youth pastor in high school. She was also an ex-girlfriend of Rob's too... but don't worry, it was a really long time ago and not even kind of awkward.

Krista was a good friend, and accountability partner of mine in college. We also kept in touch playing some mean rounds of fun games in the years after college, but lots of kids seem to have dissipated those fun times. Bummer!

Eroica is one of my bestest friends in the whole world. We met when she started attending NACC and somehow just stuck together like glue.

Edwards. They are also some college friends that we've kept in touch with during our post college years, mostly for the occassional dinner and game night... which also seems to be getting longer and longer between meet-ups. I'm beginning to think we need to make more social arrangements!

Jenny is Suzy's bestest friend, sister of Breanna, friend of Rob's growing up (by default since Suzy and Jenny didn't go ANYWHERE without each other, and daughter of his former youth pastor. She's another one I feel like great friends with through blogging, though I think I've only actually met her twice?

Aspen is a girl in our church who spent the last year + trying to figure out what, if anything is medically 'wrong' with her. It's been a strange journey but she appears to be doing well! She and her sister also sell girl scout cookies :0)

Sarah is a friend of mine from college too. We were on Student Government together. Ah, those were the good ole days!

Serah is a friend of mine from WAY back in the 1st-3rd grade days before she and her family moved. It's been fun to read her blog, but she doesn't keep up on it enough :0)

Becca is a friend from college whom I shared a number of education classes with. She's just one of those genuinly neat and super cool people. She blesses those around her just by being her!

Bill is a college friend, husband of Krista, brother-in-law of Becky, computer geek extrodinaire. Excellent photographer. I like to say he got his start at our wedding!

John is Suzy's husbands cousin, and he's got all sorts of great adventures out-lined on his blog. He's got an amazing heart for God and people.

And crazy mom... well, I don't know her but I find her blog hillarious so I try to catch up on it from time to time.

So there you have it... well, at least those posted on my blog roll. I have others I stalk, but I keep forgetting to put them on my roll. Jill, Jack, Cake Wrecks, Steve... those are the ones that come to mind first... maybe someday I'll update it!


Jessi said...

Thanks for posting this Robyn! I enjoyed making the connections too, although I've seemed to figure out a few of the people! I remember spending the night in your room in that house on campus, in the basement the night before your wedding. You always took off your engagement ring when you slept so that you loosen the prongs, I'll never forget your excitement! I miss you like crazy and I too feel like my time spent at WOU was such a God thing and growing experience for me...and of course meeting you! Love you so much Robyn Elizabeth! Have a super blessed day!


Stacey said...

Thanks for the compliments! :)

alexanders said...

enjoyed reading this...so honored to have made the list! :) blessings to you!

Krista said...

Ok, Robyn... we need to have a play date!!