Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It's a whole new world!

My life has radically changed recently in many ways, but one was especially notable this morning. Perhaps you are already aware of this strange phenomenon, but my eyes were once again opened to this reality this morning:

There are tons of people who are up, dressed, fed, groomed (with all of their kids that way too!), and out the door by 8 something in the morning. And they make it look easy!

I was reminded of this taking Logan to school today. There were mom's and dad's walking their little ones to school, kiddos riding their bikes, lots of kids being dropped off by there well-groomed looking parents that I'm sure are off to bigger and better things as soon as their child is safely inside of those doors.

Me? Well, my kiddos were all dressed, fed and mostly groomed, but I threw on a sweatshirt and some jeans and stumbled out the door. I empathize with those parents who look like they just rolled out of bed when dropping their kids off. I had grand ideas of showering before dropping him off, but the extra 10 minutes of sleep sounded more appealing! Maybe I'll get the hang of it? I can't help it, I like my sleep, and I'm NOT a morning person.

Ah, but now I'm locked in by the school bell. I must be at school precisely at drop-off time and at pick-up time. This is the beginning of the my next 15 years as I know it. I knew the day would come, but Leeann won't start kindergarten til the Fall (she has a late summer Birthday and we're starting her late), and I was secretly hoping to get her in afternoon kindergarten, delaying my new reality for at least another year!

The other funny thing is that it takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes to get everyone ready (longer if I'm actually doing hair and make-up and such), another few minutes to get shoes and coats on and out the door, 5 minutes to buckle everyone in, and .3 seconds to actually drive him to school. Then we come home, undo the damage that we did leaving the house and now the timer quickly starts counting down to when we do it all over again. This time, it's the 5 minutes for shoes and coats, 5 minutes for loading up and buckling in, .3 seconds to school to pick him up, and I wonder if the few short hours he's at school (2 hrs. 45 minutes) is a fair trade off for the amount of time it takes to actually get him there and pick him up!

Well, I better be off to the shower so I can be ready to do this whole thing all over again!


Jessi said...

Oh Robyn...I totally empathize with you! I hate mornings and with Halle having to be at school at 9:15am, it's still a hard one! I've trainned my kids to sleep in until at least 8:45am and I love that Halle is able to get up on her own and turn on the tv, buying me an extra few minutes! I changed my status on Facebook the other day, saying that since being home at my parents, my kids have been waking up at 7am and I got a ton of people commenting back saying that I was lucky to be sleeping in until 7am. What's the big rush people, why wake up when you don't have to? I always try and arrange playdates, doctors appts, even church for after 10:30am. That way I can assure that we're all dressed, fed, groomed and happy to be leaving the house! Milk it all you can! How's it going with the 4? We pray for you and Rob every night, for wisdom and guidence in raising all those little monkeys!

alexanders said...

wow, even though i don't have any kiddos, i can feel your pain! from one non-morning person to another!! :) oh, i've been reading your posts and you sound crazy busy, girl! you have one FULL house!! you are simply amazing! hang in there!! hannah