Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Let me tell you why...

This is why I hate Halloween: It's not because of the scary things, it's not because of the begging kids who come door-to-door, it's not because of the costumes... it's the candy. For those of you who know us well, you know that we don't give our kids much in the way of sugar. Part of it is due to the fact that Leeann has some dietary issues that are made worse by juice and sugar, part of it is that she turns into a raving lunatic when she has it, part of it is that so many people try to give it to her everywhere she goes, that we'd rather just say "No, she can't have any," part of it is because we don't want our kids to be a sugar-addict like we turned out to be (heaven forbid we want our kids to have healthy eating habits!), but mostly, it's because our kids don't need it! Tell me what 11 month old, or 3 year old NEEDS sugar? The funny thing is, though--we are the ones that are treated like bad parents when we keep our kids from sugar!

Oftentimes people try to sneak our kids sugar, because they know that we don't give it to them and they think we're mean. Mostly though, people just don't think to ask before they plop a handful of something sweet into our little-ones hands. Or if they do ask, it's after they've already given it to them, as if that's going to help! In Costco yesterday, a well-meaning employee gave Leeann and Titus each a tootsie roll. First of all, Titus can't eat tootsie rolls, the kid barely has one tooth! Second of all, it tortured Leeann because I (had to) let her carry it around all day, but I wouldn't let her eat it.

We made it through Halloween without much of a hitch. We visited many homes of people that we know, and Leeann collected plenty of candy in her little purse. I told Leeann that she can eat a piece of her candy... when she goes poo-poo in the big girl potty. It seemed to be a good compromise, and she didn't complain! We had fun going door-to-door and having lot's of people melt over how cute Princess Ariel was! I just somehow wish we could do Halloween without the candy, but that would defeat the purpose I suppose!

It's an uphill, tough battle trying to keep sweets from our kids. Literally everywhere we go, everyone wants to be 'the favorite' by spoiling our kids. The most immediate way to spoil kids is to give them candy, and so that's what people do! Argg! I understand we are the minority, so I don't expect the world's view of giving candy to kids to revolve around us... but if you are reading this-- now you know :0) Please descreately ask Rob or I before you offer something sweet (or anything really) to our kids. We are doing our best to instill healthy habits in our kids even though church events, holiday's, birthday parties, and people who want to give our kids treats, abound!

Some things aren't worth fighting for, but we both feel that this one is. It will be harder and harder to keep them from sweets as they get older and spend more time out of our care, but we're hopeful that as the years pass they won't be addicted to it, and that it will be easier for them to partake in moderation. We're also hoping that by that time they will have more self-control, so they won't turn into raving lunatics throwing tantrums! And just in case you are wondering, Leeann does get some sugar. Not much, but some. At birthday parties she gets a small piece of cake and some ice cream. If we are somewhere where all the other kids are getting a treat, I usually give her a tiny bit of what they are having, and/or an alternative that she likes. And every once in a while we share something sweet with her. It's not like she's never tasted it, or she never gets any. We just don't want to let her have large amounts of sweets, or to have them everyday-- but we would like to be the ones to say when, and how much she gets.

And that my friends, is a post that turned into a rant... thanks for reading! And now, for your viewing pleasure... the cutest kids in the universe!

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Shelly said...

Amen, Sister!!! And our church is the worst offender~But I understand the dilema for them.

diana said...

What great pics! Your hair looks really good long, Robyn. I don't know if ruby-red is the best color for Leann- oh, ok, that's a wig. Titus looks like an adventuresome little pumpkin that just wants to crawl away and chew on something.

Yeah, we haven't really had to deal with the sweet issue too much, Todd mostly stays at home and we don't do very many sweets at all, just the occassional cookie. We'll probably have to deal with it more when he's older. Good luck with that potty-training!

Beckys blog said...

I totall understand! I think Raquelle was 5 months old when one of the highschoolers who had her came up and asked us if she could have some ice cream. We said no, of course, and she said it bad if she already had some? Who in their right mind feeds a 5 month old ice cream!?!? I'm sure it only gets worse as they get older.

Jenny said...

Robyn, sometimes it is so awesome to read your blogs and look at the pics of your kids because it reminds me that we are in the exact same stage! My oldest, 3 and also Ariel (but I couldn't find the awesome wig!) and Rylin, also 11 months and barely 15 lbs! Sometimes when I am lugging her around on my hip all day, I realize petite babies are often a blessing! And Kacia, who was 17 lbs at a year, was able to go into a normal carseat by 15 months, so maybe Titus and Rylin will make it by 18 months! Anyhow, it is always great to be reminded that there are others out there who are going through all of the same struggles, frustrations and joys that you are! So thanks for sharing!

Breanna said...

I second or fourth or whatever number I am. I hate what sugar does to my kids. Despite our school's attempts to encourage healthy parties, and healthy eating, you should have seen what was offered to each child. 3-4 cookies, candy bars, pumpkin pie, a carmel apple, and a capri sun. That is crazy. Thanks for encouraging the rest of us to stay strong!