Monday, November 13, 2006

The Carseat Dilema

I just realized that Titus is technically too long for his infant carrier. Nevermind the fact that his first Birthday is in a couple of weeks when most babies outgrow theirs far earlier...

I always assumed I would move Leeann up to a booster seat and move him into her carseat once he outgrew his. Well, now that the time has come I'm doing some more research into carseats and how long they ought to be in what kind of seat, how many point-harness they ought to have etc.

I will spare you the details, but this is actually a somewhat stressful decision. She's technically big enough for the high-back booster seat, but would be safer in traditional carseat that holds a kid up to 40 pounds. I think she's 35 or so.


1.) I can get another seat similar to hers for Titus, but then she'll have to go to a booster seat at 40 pounds anyway. $50-150.

2.) I can put her in a booster seat now, that's for a kid that's 30-100 lbs. Free, we already have one.

3.) I can buy a nice (and by nice, I mean expensive) seat that is a 5 point-harness seat (the safest) that will fit her until she's 65 pounds. Or an even nicer one that will fit her until she's 80 pounds (safest and most expensive option). $220-300.

4.) I can just leave my kids at home and never take them anywhere! Ah, now there's an option!

I'm leaning toward purchasing a seat, especially knowing that Titus is, and is likely going to continue to be small... and he'll need a carseat for longer than most kids I imagine.

The problem is that he's growing out of his at a bad time. His Birthday is in two weeks, and of course Christmas is coming up. It's not exactly a time that I want to throw $250 at a carseat. Ah, unless of course we make this his Birthday/Christmas present. He's only1, he'll never know the difference eh? It won't come anywhere close to covering the cost, but it will sure put a dent in it!

I meant for this to be a short post, but I'm bad at that! What to do, what to do!


Krista said...

I'm a carseat addict. Seriously. We have a garage-full of them. We went through the exact same dilemma last year. We got the Britax harness-to-80-lb one for Mikayla last year - it ended up being a Christmas gift from Bill's parents. But it's really the safest way - not to mention the seat is amazing and easy (and huge!) and the installation is rock-solid. Now Mika can stay harnessed til 2nd grade. lol It's truly totally worth it.

Jessi said...

I have to agree, go with the Britax Marathon, you can get it at Target online, all kinds of colors to choose from for about $265. We just got Halle a Graco Comfortfit for the time being until she's fully forward facing and then we'll get the Britax Marathon after Christmas. I know that it's a lot of money, but it's for the safety of your child and think about this, you're in the car off and on all day, and it's only costing you $4 a month if you plan on using it for 6 years. Just a thought. Keep us posted! Love, Jessi

Beckys blog said...

I agree. Keep her in a 5 pt harness as long as possible. Here is a video on car seats made by someone I know.

If you want to go with the Britax Marathon (up to 65 lbs), I can find it for you for $229 if you don't care what color it is, or the Britax Regent (up to 80 lbs) for $249 (online with free shipping).

adriana said...

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Happy Mom Tonja said...

I got this link in an email... if anything will make you keep your kiddos in a 5 point harness seat, this will... oh, and get your kleenex before watching it.

I'm sure you'll agree any amount of money you'd have to pay for another carseat will be VERY much worth your child's life!!

Robyn said...


You know the person who made this video? It's been sent to me 3 times now from 3 different states. It's actually what started my thinking on this issue...


rob said...

I'm a little bothered that this post didn't have anything to do with little kids going "potty" in their pants or the toilet. Both, absolutely fascinating topics. I'm conisdering digressing, just so that I can create the debate and tension in my own life......;)