Monday, November 27, 2006

Leeann's 2nd, 1st day of Preschool

Leeann struck a deal with Mrs. Erin (the main teacher at the preschool I used to work for), that when she went poo-poo in the big-girl potty, she would get to go to preschool for the whole day! Afterall, you can't go to school until you are potty-trained. Leeann has been talking about wanting to go to school for sometime now, and everytime we're around the church when preschool is in session she likes to dart into the classroom and attempt to join in on the fun. That's why I teamed up with Mrs. Erin to bribe Leeann with a day at school for going in the potty.

She thoroughly enjoyed her day at preschool and she certainly didn't want to leave, but she had a great day!

I have been hoping all year that we might get to send Leeann to preschool. Having taught there, I totally believe in the program, and I see the many benefits. The only problem is, it costs money. We talked a little bit about using some money we'd been given a month or so ago to maybe send her, but then I had the root-canal. Welcome to my world!

Well, we've been talking about money at church and in our small group, and talking essentially about needs verses wants. I spoke up about how it's been hard for me, because I want to send Leeann to preschool, and although it's a good use of money, it isn't essential. We more or less resigned that she wouldn't be going to preschool (at least not this year).

Well, God is good. Really good! I got word from Mrs. Erin on Wednesday that our small group wanted to go in together and send Leeann to preschool! What a HUGE blessing! So, Leeann got to go back on Thursday and she was very excited!

It's a double-blessing really because I will be able to stay at the church and get 6 hours a week in while Leeann is at school. This will be especially nice because some weeks it's hard for me to carve out the hours to be in the office without the kiddo's. Of course, I'll still have Titus but he usually sleeps from 10 to noon or so, so he shouldn't be too much of a problem!

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that my little girl is officially a preschooler!

Leeann's new friend Sabina is just behind her. She's the only other girl in the class and they seem to get along very well!

These are Leeann's teachers Mrs. Tina and Mrs. Erin. Mrs. Tina was Leeann's Sunday School teacher for a long time too. She really likes her teachers!

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