Monday, November 06, 2006

Guess where we went!

Rob decided to take Leeann, Titus and I out for a date night on Friday... and it was SO MUCH FUN! Can you guess where we went?!?!?

Leeann on a wave runnner

Leeann with the star of the evening!

Ski Ball!!! Okay, she needed a little help with this one!

Leeann, Titus and daddy driving a big rig! This was daddy's favorite game, he got drive a big rig across the country while Titus tried to help and Leeann just kept honking the horn. I'll be honest, he needs some driving lessons before he goes long-haul!

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mom and/or granma said...

Hey - Did daddy shave? Was I the only one to notice. Do I get a prize?

Shelly said...

And did Rob get a new shirt?? He's looking pretty snazzy.

rob said...

$9.99, Fred Meyer Clearance rack.

diana said...

You probably don't want him to go driving across country anyway :)

Leann is so cute.