Monday, October 30, 2006

Happy Birthday Mr. Rob!

Yesterday was Rob's birthday. We essentially didn't have a moment of down-time (being that it fell on a Sunday this year) so we didn't really do anything birthday-related. Some friends of ours, Craig and Mandy and Rob and I did go out to dinner for Rob's birthday on Friday night though. And, I might say he got a super cool present... it's something he was hoping for, but very unlikely to get! Thanks to his mom and step dad, my dad and Tasha, Craig and Mandy and the kids and I, however... he got what he was hoping for. I won't ruin his surprise though, you can check out his blog, I'm sure he'll update it soon with some more information on his cool new present. Either way, you should leave a message on his blog and wish him a happy belated birthday!

Rob has been a wonderful friend, an incredible husband and and the greatest daddy ever! I'm glad that we get to celebrate another year with him. Happy Birthday Rob!


Happy Mom Tonja said...

Ok, I looked... nothing... tell Mr. Rob to hurry and post already! lol

Pam and Dave said...

Okay, I looked at Rob's blog, too, and nothing. Curious about WHAT you all got him. I'd been trying to remember what day this month was his anniversary of birth and couldn't. Tell him HAPPY BIRTDAY from us.