Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Jessi is like a bright light that walked into my life for a short period of time. She and I both attended WOU for a term our freshman year of college. We lived in the same hall and we just seemed to 'click'. I love her dearly and I wish she were closer. She's the kind of friend though that no matter how much time passes by, it's always so great to catch up and spend time together!

Well, yesterday the kids and I ventured up to Canby where Jessi's parents live (she lives with her husband and daughter in Canada) to attend Halle's 1st Birthday party. We surprised Jessi and the look on her face was priceless! The last time we saw each other was at her wedding just over two years ago, neither of us had kids yet!

It was a nasty rainy evening and would have been a terrible drive (an hour on the freeway in pouring rain at 10:00 at night) so Jessi's parents invited the 3 of us to stay the night. Jess and I stayed up til 2 like little college girls and it was so much fun... and such a huge blessing to get to catch up with her!

Halle is just two weeks older than Titus. Yes, he's trying to put on fake lipstick!

I just think he's handsome!

Leeann really liked Jessi too!


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Shelly said...

Was she one of your bridesmaids??

Jessi said...

yep Shelly, that was me...Hey, thanks again for driving all this way to surprise was wonderful to see you! The pic of Leeann and I looks like she's my kid...not yours! Love you so much!

Love, Jes and Halle