Sunday, July 23, 2006

Just Hanging Out on I-5

Sooo, I had an interesting day...

My family and I had lunch with some friends after church then we headed back to the church to help get ready to take some high school kids to Silver Creek Falls. That in itself was a pain because it was 100+ degrees outside and we were all dripping in sweat. After Rob left with a car-load and a van-load of kids I headed home to my air-conditioned house. The kids were both down for the count by the time I pulled in the driveway so I laid Leeann down on the couch and let Titus continue to sleep in his carseat. I sat down at my computer for maybe 10 minutes when I got a phone call from Rob.

Rob: "Hey, the Buick over-heated and died on Joel (the new youth pastor who was driving our car). They're letting it cool down and they put some water in it, can you bring the van up here and switch cars with Joel?"

Me: "Urg. Um, I suppose. But what if I end up getting stranded on 1-5 in this heat with the kids?"

Rob: "You won't, the car will have water in it and it's less than 10 miles, you'll be fine."

Me: "Fine, I'm on my way."

I realized that Rob was in a predicament and this seemed to be the only option. So I loaded the kids back up into the van, grabbed a Nalgene bottle and filled it with ice and water just in case, and started to make my way toward the freeway.

In a split second of fear I turned toward Eroica's and called her and asked if I could drop the kids off at her house. I simply couldn't imagine what would happen if we ended up stranded on 1-5. It's not a safe place for even a matter of minutes in this heat, I wouldn't be able to walk them to shade without fear of Leeann straying or getting into icky stuff on the side of the freeway, and if worse came to worse, not many people who are driving by have the capacity to stick 2 car seats in their car. Not to mention the fact that I didn't want to have to wrestle with switching the carseats in this heat while the kids are roasting. All in all, it seemed best to leave the kids. I can handle the heat, they can't.

So, Eroica came to the rescue and let me drop my kids at her house even though she was throwing a Birthday party for her sister-in-law. I headed up the freeway as fast as I could knowing the boys who were in the car had to be roasting and in desperate need of some air-conditioning. Once I pulled up all 4 boys leaped into my air-conditioned van panting! I could see how hot and miserable they were so I offered my water to them and they shared it. I was happy to help!

So I took the Buick and headed back down I-5. The temperature gauge confirmed that it was still way too hot so I blasted the heater, rolled down the windows and turned up the radio. After just a mile or 2 I encountered a hill. My car didn't like that and I got a bad feeling. It started clanking a little but seemed to recover once I got to the top of the hill (and by hill I mean slight incline). I drove another mile or so and then I encountered another incline. I felt the car start to die and I began to panic. "Lord, please let my car make it up this hill" I prayed fervently, terrified of being stuck on the freeway in this heat. Well, God answered my prayer and I made it up the hill--but it was more than the Buick could take. Once the road started to flatten out again, the car started clanking more and then I felt it just start to die on me. I put on my flashers and pulled onto the shoulder. I called Eroica who was half expecting my call, and she and her husband headed up to get me, leaving my kids with his mom who was at the party. After about 20 minutes, making several more phone calls for car advice and towing, and an encounter with a state trooper (just checking on me) Eroica and Toby came to my rescue.

The guy from my insurance company who was arranging towing told me it would be 90 minutes before someone could get out to get my car. I told him that I couldn't wait for 90 minutes in the heat and that I would head back into town with my friends, and meat the towing company in an hour and a half, or after they call me no later than 20 minutes before they show up so I can have time to get back to my car.

Well, about 10 minutes (far shorter than the 90 minutes they told me I'd have to wait) after getting back to Eroica's the towing company called and told me that the guy was waiting with my car on the freeway. I was totally bugged, but I won't even go there.

Anyway, we head back out to my car all so I could sign a stupid piece of paper (why couldn't they just tow the car into town for me without me having to be there?) The guy towed it into a local automotive place and there it will sit until I call them in the morning.

So the kids and I spent much of an an unexpected day at Eroica's trying desperately to cool off from the incredibly hot and stressful day that we had.

And now the stress continues as I wait for the mechanic to tell me what's wrong with the car, and more importantly how much it's going to cost. You gotta love days like these. I was planning on having a relaxing day with my kids this evening... ha! I guess we can have a relaxing day tomorrow though since we won't have a car to go anywhere! Maybe it's God's way of telling me to slow down a little?!?!?


Anonymous said...

We simply went to the mall for most of the day. Very relaxing. Oh, I'm sorry, your day wasn't relaxing? :) And what an indoctrination for Joel! Way to go Joel! Overheat the van! I bet he's loving it down here...

Spicy Rice

Robyn said...

Spicy Rice... does that mean Dieter by chance?

Jennifer said...

Yes, that would be my husband! I'm sooo sorry to hear about your I-5 fun....errr Yuck!!

Anonymous said...

i am sorry i wasn't there to help out! Had i been i would have gone and suffered with you...sounds like i missed out on a good bonding experience. Though no youth trip is complete without car never fails!

Anonymous said...

oh yeah...and it wasn't joel's driving....he drives like a grandpa, and you can tell him i said that! maybe if he went faster there would be more air flow.
-grandpa's wife

becca said...

bummer. I hope your days are going better since then. what a mess!