Friday, July 07, 2006

I want you mommy!!!

Leeann is very sweet. And manipulative! You know how kids find something that they can say or do that makes you melt and turn into a sappy emotional parent? Well, Leeann has discovered that by coming up to me in tears and saying "I want you mommy." It's so sweet, and it's hard to discipline her when she's saying that with her arms out-stretched and tears streaming down her face. I'm noticing more and more that it happens at mainly two points during any given day.

1.) When it's bed time. Funny how she suddenly "wants" me when it's time for bed huh?

2.) When she knows she's in trouble, or when I start to count to three (meaning she'll be in trouble if I make it to three.

Interesting eh? Do you think she's discoverd mommy's soft spot?


Pam in CA said...

Yes, I'm sure she's discovered your spot!
Hang in there girl, this time will be gone before you know it.

trancegirl said...

Hmm... sounds like it to me!!!

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