Saturday, July 22, 2006

Happy Birthday Leeann!!

Leeann turns 3 years old today! My how the years fly by...

This is a picture of Leeann's 1st Birthday. Even though she wasn't yet my daughter, I made her a special baby blanket and a Birthday cake. I can barely remember this little girl *tear*.

This is a picture from Leeann's 2nd Birthday. She was only saying a few words at that point, and she wasn't sure what all the fuss about a Birthday Party was. That sure changed this year. I remember that day so clearly that it feels as if it were yesterday!

This is where the picture of Leeann's 3rd Birthday will go... as soon as I get it uploaded!

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Aunt Shelly said...

We're still waiting for the picture!

Anonymous said...

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