Monday, July 31, 2006

Because that's just the way it is...

Still haven't heard back from the mechanic, though we should some time today. My guess is the bill should be somewhere between $300-400. I only know that because yesterday we saw a carpenter ant in our house (and 2 sets of neighbors just had to get theirs exterminated.) Price tag, $250. So between the exterminator, the last trip to the mechanic, and this next one, that ought to just about wipe out our saving-for-a-scooter fund. Such is life! I could be wrong, but I doubt it, it's just the way God works in our lives!

In more exciting news, Titus is definately crawling now! During the last week he has gone from scooting, in an almost, but not-quite crawling position-- to a full-fledged no-doubt about it crawl. There's no stopping this boy now!

A few minutes ago I went out into the living room where Titus was watching Baby Einstein in his swing, but he wasn't in his swing, he was on the floor, several feet from the swing. The straps were still buckled, so I imagine he scooted himself out the top again by pushing his legs against the seat and wiggling out of the straps. He did this when he was about 4 months old too. This time he didn't cry though. I think he probably kind of did a twisty crawl onto the floor (the swing is a travel swing, so it only sits a few inches off the ground). The clever little man wanted out! I think the straps are even as tight as they go, but I'll have to check that. I imagine most people expect babies to be bigger before they are so mobile. Such is life! Yup, the kid's still small! Game on--I'm gonna have to watch him every second of the day now. And I have to keep my floors clean. Yuck!


Jennifer said...

I know what you mean, Dieter's car needs a new transmission!

Anonymous said...

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