Saturday, August 05, 2006

What I've been up to...

This car repair only cost $105, so I'm pleased to say I was wrong on that part... :0)

Titus went to the doctor the other day and this shrimp still doesn't weigh 15 lbs. He's 14 lbs 13 oz. Yes friends, that's only 7 more oz. than he weighed two months ago. He officially fell off of the charts, though his doctor assured me that's appropriatly proportionate and developing just fine.

I spent a couple of days with my family in St. Helens while Rob took his last youth trip. He took 17 middle schoolers and some helpers to Seattle to go to the zoo, Wild Waves, the beach and a Mariners game. So when he gets home this afternoon he will no longer be a youth pastor. He's now an associate pastor and he'll spend the next couple of months figuring out exactly what that means!

I had fun with my family. My family makes a party out of everything and I love it! They threw a Birthday party for Leeann. She got a Strawberry Shortcake beach towel and a box of yummy cereal from Great-Grandma B (the cereal is a much-loved tradition). She got hair pretties and a little bit of college fund cash from my Aunt Pam and Uncle Steve. She got a really cool squishy fishy from my Uncle Everett and clan (the clan part makes for a long story). And my Aunt Patty and Uncle Don, my Daddy and Tasha, my brother Jason and my cousin Jenni and her family all went together and got Leeann a Dora the Explorer talking kitchen. It's cool! One of the high school girls, Jenny, and I put it together last night and re-arranged her room to make it fit better. She's made me a lot of food this morning, I'm terribly full from so much plastic! Anyway, thanks family for the great Birthday party for her--she loves getting to see everyone.

She absolutely didn't want to go home. First she didn't want to leave Jenni's but was okay because we went to see my best friend Angie and her boys. Then she didn't want to leave Angie's but I convinced her to so we could go to Aunt Patty's and see Grandma. She didn't want to leave there, but was okay with it because we went to see my dad, Tasha and their kids. She cried because she didn't want to leave there either. After about 10 minutes in the car she was out cold for 2 hours and woke up just as we were pulling onto our street. She started bawling because she didn't want to go home, she wanted to see more people! She litterally stood just outside of the van in tears saying "I don't want to go inside!" My daughter is a little social butterfly, and she certainly loves her family!

She's had a tough time without daddy these last couple of days. I have too! We miss him terribly. I was not cut out to be a single mom! But in just a few short hours the world will get back to normal (whatever normal is), and I can't wait!


Beckys blog said...

I may have weighted wrong, But I think Raquelle is about 16 lbs now! She had a big growth spurt last month. I think she grew 2 inches and gained about 2 lbs!

Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it! here