Thursday, May 04, 2006

A Weekend to Remember

On Monday I wrote all about our weekend away, but when I went to publish the post it said there were errors and I lost everything I had written. It's always frustrating to write the same things again, but I'll give you a shortened version here:

About a month ago Rob and I stopped by the table of a local radio station during a Family Living Expo fair at the mall. I picked up a Weekend to Remember brochure that advertises a marriage conference that is held at various times all over the world. I had heard it advertised in Eugene for the end of April but I knew that the conferences were a lot of money on top of hotel and food, so I didn't think it would really be an option. Besides, it's over a weekend and that makes it difficult because we only get 3 Sundays off a year. Not to mention the fact that we have young kids and yada yada yada...

Well, I picked up the brochure anyway and turned it straight to the page that said "Pastor's register for free!" Sweet! We could do the hotel and food if we didn't have to pay for the conference, and we've always wanted to go to a marriage conference. So, Rob got the time off, I made some reservations and we were able to go!

It was such a blessing and such an amazing conference. A whole weekend just to focus on our marriage and on each other--I don't think we could have made a better investment! There was lot's of time scheduled into the conference to spend alone together and to reflect on the things we'd been learning. There were sections of homework that were really cool and practical that we would do seperately and then come together and talk about our answers. I think my favorite one was something like this:

1.) List the top 5 needs that you precieve your husband to have and write how you think you can help him to acheive those needs.

2.) List your top 5 needs and what you think your husband can do to help you acheive those needs.

3.) Now compare your lists and talk together about how you can best fulfill each others top needs.

WOW! What a concept! It was neat to see that our perceptions were right on with each others, but it was also great to see some actual practical steps that we could take to help meet each others needs. In the homework sections there were also pre-married and re-married tracks, there's something for everyone! I would highly recommend this conference to anyone and I would say it's well worth the money. I don't think you could make a better investment into your marriage!

Our kids stayed with a family in the church for the weekend. It was the first time Rob and I had spent a night away together since Leeann became part of our home. It was so good to get away together and to focus on us as a couple. It was also good to get the chance to miss the kids, and really, investing into our marriage is the best thing we can do to invest into them also. They stayed with a couple that has 3 girls 6, 8 and 10ish. Leeann was in high-heaven! I don't even know if she knew we were gone! I was doing well without them until Sunday morning (the conference started Friday evening). By Sunday morning I was ready to get home and give some hugs and kisses to my precious little ones! I missed them, but they had fun and so did we! It was such a blessing for the Devenports to care for our kids so we could get away. Not many people would offer to take on two more, especially when one's only 5 months old! They were all troopers though, and they did a great job!

Well, daddy and Leeann are out washing the cars on Rob's day off and Titus just woke up. It's almost noon so I suppose I ought to get to doing something productive. After I bathed the kids and got them ready I sat on the couch and read a book for an hour or so. I love Thursdays!

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