Friday, May 12, 2006

Learning what it means to be scared

Yesterday we borrowed Robots the movie from our friend Allie and Leeann was super excited because she hasn't seen it since around Christmas and she loves that movie! Rob put the movie on for her then he had to go to a meeting. She was content in the living room watching it while I was getting some stuff done around the house. About 45 minutes into it she started crying telling me to "Turn off Robots please, mommy, pleeeeease!" I sat down to talk to her to make sure that's what she really wanted to do because it really surprised me. She said, "That scare Leeann mommy, turn off, that scare Leeann!" She didn't seem utterly frightened but she certainly wanted me to turn it off. She seems fine watching it with one of us in the room though and was asking to watch it again later. So it seems that she's learning what it means to be scared which will open up a whole new chapter in life for us! She's growing so big and she's growing up so fast. She's taller and prettier and smarter than ever! Where has time gone?

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