Sunday, May 14, 2006

From the mouth of babes

I was getting ready for church this morning and I decided to wear a skirt. Mind you, I haven't worn a skirt since probably before I was pregnant with Titus. I don't feel comfortable in them and in general, we just don't like each other--skirts and I. If the skirt itself weren't bad enough you have to be super careful how you sit and you have to wear uncomfortable shoes. That's why I tend to go with pants.

I was kind of feeling down last night about the way I look, post-pregnancy and all, so I decided taking a little extra time to get ready this morning and wearing something feminine might help me feel a little more attractive.

So, the first thing that went wrong, and I should have taken this as a sign, was that Titus grabbed my skirt and went to put it in his mouth while I was trying to get him dressed. He spit up on me. Not a huge amount, but enough. I decided to wash the spit up off of my skirt instead of going to back to the drawing board to find a new outfit. I was truly tempted to take off my skirt and pull my faithful jeans out but I perservered!

Well, I then came down to my bathroom to finish drying my hair and Leeann came in and started talking to me. She was insistent that I take my skirt off. "Mommy, take skirt off, take of skirt mommy." I said, "Leeann, why should I take my skirt off?" "Cause you look perdy fat." she said.

I honestly got teary-eyed. Most days it wouldn't have bothered me but I was already feeling self-conscious and my morning just wasn't going well. This was the first time I ever heard Leeann use the word fat, and I don't even know if she knows what it means... but it isn't what any woman wants to hear, from anyone, anyday, that's for sure! Okay, it was kind of cute because she is only 2, and I am sure this story will get cuter and cuter as the years go by and we read my blog together.

I do realize however, that we are now getting into the stage where my daughter is going to say embarrassing things before she realizes they are inappropriate. Oh, the joys of parenting!

Anyone else got any good stories from the mouths of their little ones?


Jennifer said...

Ok, first of all, if I looked as good as you do right now, I would be soooo happy. Second of all, she probably really doesn't know what that word means...and as my son cannot talk yet, urg urg urg really is not all that funny yet.

Pam in CA said...

I just grinned. Like Jennifer above, I cannot imagine you "fat" anywhere. You were even cute pregnant and it was all in front so I'm sure it's gone (well, below the belt anyway). Looking forward to our visit on Friday!

Beckys blog said...

The only things coming from my babe's mouth are aaah aaah aaah, WWWAAAAAHHHH, and spit up. But, when I was about 1 and a half, I told a lady in our church that she looked like she was dead! She had white hair and was wearing all white.

Krista said...

lol - how funny! I'm sure she had no idea what she was saying! Mikayla likes to look at our wedding pictures and say, "Oh, this was when mommy was a princess!"

Anonymous said...

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