Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Not Again...

Definition of the Norovirus: The virus that just won't go away.

Titus was showing signs of being sick again yesterday. It's hard to tell with him though because it's not uncommon for him to spit up (i.e. vomit) and he doesn't show signs of diarrhea because, well you can't tell that in a 5 month old either. His spit up was thicker than normal and apparently he had a really bad diaper yesterday, although it was a babysitter who changed it so I wasn't sure how out of the ordinary it was. After a night of little-to-no sleep for either of us last night I still didn't think too much of it this morning--until Kajsa got sick. Kajsa is Eroica's daughter and we spent most of the day yesterday at her house. Because it takes 24-36 hours to develop symptoms after exposure it's a darn good bet that Titus was once again the culprit. Where did he get it? Well, it could have been anywhere. We were at 2 graduation parties this weekend, and at the church. I can't even begin to guess how many people held him (i.e. how many others might have been exposed, or who might have exposed him). That'll teach me not to hold other people's babies, I feel sorry for all who have held mine lately!

Hopefully tonight we'll all get a little more sleep and wake up in a better mood. And hopefully this nasty little bug will just go away!

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