Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Portland's Cutest Baby

K103 - Portland's Soft Rock

Click on this link to vote for my adorable nephew in the Portland's Cutest Baby Contest. Because seriously, he's adorable! The prizes are awesome and it just takes a quick second to vote. You don't need to sign in or register, just click on this link and vote for Jace. You can do this once a day until August 20th.

My brother asked me to post this (which I was of course, happy to do) on my blog. He seems to think I have some fantastic readers (which I do... I think?) that might take a small minute out of their day (which you will... right?) to help Jace win a $1,000 contribution to his 529. Please help me out with this blog readers!

1 comment:

becca banana said...

bing bang boom!
Hope he wins!