Friday, August 13, 2010

The Pike Place Market

On our way back to Oregon we decided to take a detour to The Pike Place Market. It was Abby's first time in Seattle and we wanted to give her at least a little taste of the city. What better place to do that than at this well known market?

We saw fish fly, tasted some yummy samples and sat on a famous copper pig. I'm not sure why the pig is famous actually. Hmmm...

We also wanted to get some yummy drinks at the first ever Starbucks. Our family has a little, um, obsession with Starbucks.

Too bad we already ordered our drinks before we found out that the Starbucks we patronized was actually a sister store to the very first Starbucks, but not the store itself. The first one was just down the street. Oops, guess we'll have to go again sometime?
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