Friday, August 13, 2010

Gingerbread Houses

We did gingerbread houses with Rob's family in July this year. It was a special treat to share this time with Rob's Aunt Barb and Uncle Ken, as well as his cousin Stacey and her family who flew in from Indiana.

Gingerbread houses were always a special thing Rob's mom and step-dad did with all of the grandkids who were 3 years old and up. The last Christmas Janice was alive she was in the hospital so the already assembled gingerbread houses didn't get decorated. She passed away in February, so we decorated them near her Birthday in her memory. This year we were going to do the same but decided to wait a little while longer so the Indianans, Indians, Indianites, Indys... I'm an Oregonian, but I'm not sure what they are... could join us.

It was so great to have so much family together and to continue a well-loved tradition in memory of a well-loved woman. Shelly was of course, a gracious hostess to a million and one family members, and her family wore are kiddos out with all of their love and attention.

It's always great to be up in Washington, and this time was certainly no different. My kids just got a larger sugar-high than normal!
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