Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My heart belongs in Disneyland

I don't think words can begin to express our family's love of Disneyland. We have so many great family memories there and it's a place that we can go and truly "get away". We talk and dream about Disneyland on a near daily basis. Since our 2007 trip we are always in the planning process for our next trip. It may sound silly, but it's just what we love to do!

We plan to go in 2012 (when the new Cars Land opens), but we're hoping to take a trip between now and then too. We've been talking perhaps, February. Or maybe next Fall?

I just found a one day deal on air fare between Portland and Long Beach for $69 each way if you travel between August 31st and October 27th. I want so badly to book these tickets. I've thought so much this month about just getting in the car and driving down there. Though, summer is NOT the time to go if you can help it. And depending on the price of plane tickets driving can actually be nearly as expensive. And well, driving to Disneyland on a moments notice isn't necessarily the most responsible thing to do.

But maybe flying is? :0) Then again, do I always have to be responsible? Sometimes I wish I could let myself be less-than-responsible and somewhat impulsive. Would it truly be impulsive if it's been "in the planning process" for some time? I wish money grew on trees. I wish I could go to Disneyland at least once a year. Maybe once each season? I wish I could work there. Or live there. Or maybe split my time between here and there. I can feel myself "Soarin' Over California" as I type this!

Maybe if I walk to my mail box today and find a random $1,000 check out of the middle of nowhere, I'll book the tickets. See, that's about as impulsive as I get. Darn my responsible nature...

Maybe if I get something in the mail from Disneyland? They send us things from time to time. Can I take that as a sign? Maybe if my husband calls me back and tells me we can go (Yes, I called him at work and told him about the deal. He laughed and said he'd call me back after his meeting). He's the one working on our current Disneyland budget.

Maybe my garage sale this weekend will net enough to go earlier than we'd planned? Then again, I really don't have that much to sell. Maybe I can sell my house by this evening? Or a kidney? Platelets? All of our kitchen appliances? My first born? Perhaps not my first born... but you get the picture.

Perhaps I ought to stop blogging and thinking about Disneyland and start thinking about swimming lessons? Because a responsible person would be getting their children ready for swimming lessons that we need to leave for in a half hour. Darn it all, I don't want to be responsible today... can you tell?

I just want to be a kid...


Momissa said...

No not Febuary! Im having a kid then remember:)

Momissa said...

No not Febuary! That's when the new baby Van Order will be making his or her debut!