Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cute conversation

I'm sitting here catching up on some blog reading while my kiddos color at the table with their friend, Kaylee who is hanging out with us for the day. Kaylee is 5 and cute as can be. She wears glasses too, just like Titus.

Titus has talked for quite some time about marrying "Kaylee with the glasses". Well, Leeann just told Kaylee, "Titus wants to marry you." Kaylee just kind of said, "Oh."

Then Titus chimed in. "Kaylee, do you love Jesus?"

"Yup," she said.

"Okay, then I'm going to marry you so we can both be cowboys together."

Ah, to reason like a four year old!


T & K said...

Got to have your priorities! Jesus and cowboys. : )

SaraJane G Campbell said...

Ah if it were only so simple! I am rolling on the floor laughing at this! I miss your kiddos!