Sunday, August 29, 2010

Italian Soda Stand

Leeann opened her own business this weekend-- An Italian Soda Stand!

She used her own money (mostly from her Birthday) to buy cups, lids, straws, club soda, whip cream, ice and half and half. Mommy and Daddy contributed some flavored syrups.

She set up her stand at our friend, Eroica's garage sale. Due to a little advertising geniusness on her Mommy's part (facebook and an email to just about everyone we know in Albany!), she had customers come by from far and wide!

She seriously had so much support from so many wonderful people. It makes me giddy to watch her work so hard and to watch others go out of their way to support her and to give generously to her 'cause'. She made more than 50 cups of Italian Soda over a two day span and also earned some wonderful tips for what I kept hearing were, "The best Italian Soda's ever!"

"What is her cause?" you may ask. Well, you can read all about it, and what she's doing to get there on Real Life Pastor's Wife (my other blog), but in short, she's working toward a Nintendo DSi. She's saving her money and working hard to accomplish her goal, and I couldn't be more proud of her!

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Anonymous said...

My blackberry soda was DE-LISH!! Thanks, Leann! You did great!!