Sunday, June 07, 2009

Skip Counting

We were on our way home from lunch today and Titus just started counting by 5's. I think he started around 60 but made it to 100. It was so cute, Titus counting in his sweet little voice. I find it hilarious that they pick up all sorts of things I don't teach them, but rarely catch onto things I'm actually trying to teach them. Logan's been learning to count by 5's at school and he's been practicing around here. It's cool to watch the other kids pick it up too!

Speaking of, there are only 3 days of school left... then it's SUMMER! Never mind the fact that I pretty much haven't made any plans for the summer yet. It's okay, I'm still excited for it. Maybe it stems from the fact that I know I'm supposed to be excited for summer, with school out and all. I imagine about 3 days into it I'll be counting down the days until Fall!

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