Monday, June 08, 2009

Hearing Specialist

Rob and I have been wondering for quite some time whether or not Titus has a hearing problem.

We find ourselves talking to Titus often, only to be completely ignored. It's like he's in his own little world, oblivious to what's going on around him. He either has incredibly selective hearing or a hearing problem.

We were finally able to get him in to see a hearing specialist today. He does have some abnormalities in his left ear, but it doesn't seem to be effecting his hearing at all. So, it must simply be that he's a 3 year-old boy who would rather not listen to his parents except for when he wants to. Do any of you seasoned parents know how to fix this problem?


Proud Parents said...

Am I a "seasoned parent"? My baby is 31 today with 3 boys of his own. Amazing where the years have gone.

"Hearing"...not an expert on parenting at all, but first thought was try "not hearing" him occasionally and see how he likes it. :)

Anonymous said...

My kids all had what I called "selective hearing", they actually got it from their father!! (: I solved their problem by a swat on the bottom - it seemed to dislodge whatever was blocking their ears. Of course today you can get in trouble for that so I know that's not much help. And for Uncle Ken's selective hearing......well we solved that by making sure he "listen's with his face" (in other words he learned to look at me so that I knew I had his attention!!) I know that's not much help, being 3 could be part of it too - and he's such a cute 3!! Aunt b

becca said...

Sounds like my middle school students! :)

Have you tried slyly saying something in a whisper or from across the room to perk his attention? Like a little secret or that you have a treat?

Beckys blog said...

I have a daycare child who always seems to be in her own world. I have to step right in front of her and kneel down to eye level to tell her whatever it is I want her to do. Otherwise, it's like she has no clue I tried to say anything to her. With my own kids I would probably use an occasional spanking to make my point that they need to listen too.

Barb said...

Jacob acts exactly like that. I recommend what Becky said about getting in front of him at eye level. Whispering is another one that I am a fan of. When I get impatient, the other things I do are (1) I ask him, "Jacob, can you hear words coming out of my mouth?" to get his attention, (2) I tell him to look at me while I am talking, and (3) I ask him what I just said. Usually he can't repeat it, even after all that. So it lets me know for sure he's not paying attention and gives him an opportunity to try again. (I am a big fan of do-overs, which is how I deal with sibling rivalry. But that is another post.) I am amazed after all that, how much he still can't tell me what I just said one second ago. It gets really "fun" as I watch him try to make up something that he thinks might be what I just said. But even this method requires PATIENCE! Good luck. If you get anything else to work, be sure to tell me too!
Aunt Barb