Monday, June 22, 2009

Nothing Blog-Worthy

I've continued to struggle with blogging lately. I still think of things to blog about from time to time, but the time to blog seems ever-fleeting.

We're watching housing prices fall, interest rates at record lows and we're feeling the tightness of 4 young children in a teeny house. For those of you who've picked up on my blog in the last year, we moved into a fixer-upper 1224 sqft condo, just because we could... and now we're feeling the squeeze of being crammed in here. It was fine with the 4 of us, but I sure would love a yard (we don't even have a single piece of grass here) and a master bathroom right about now!

We're looking at other housing options, praying for our homes to sell and/or hoping for large sums of money to fall from the sky. We see some really great 'forever home' opportunities within our grasp, but they require us to sell both of our homes by owner in the worst market in modern history. Hey, I figure we only need two buyers though... right?

Isn't it ironic? The one particular home we are looking at now would give us enough room for our family plus some, plus room to entertain, plus everything we want in a home, in a neighborhood we love. This market makes this home actually affordable to us, yet we can't buy it because our equity is currently tied up.

We continue to dream, and pray and talk about 'our new home' as if it will happen, but it seems statistically unlikely that we'll be able to make it happen. We'll see though, if it's what God desires for us, I'm sure he'll make it happen. If not, he's teaching me a great lesson on being content. Hmmm, perhaps I'm still in the middle of learning that lesson?

I'm sorry, I don't know what got me on the housing tangent. Oh, it might be because I was just enjoying one of my favorite past-times, house hunting on the internet. There are just a lot of good finds these days! Now I shall venture off to one of my other favorite past-times, partaking in a bowl of yummy-delicious ice cream. Now that's a good idea if I've ever had one!

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