Monday, April 13, 2009

Ready to face the week ahead!

Despite the fact that I've felt like I've been swallowing a chunk of glass every time I swallow (since Friday morning), I'm feeling rather refreshed and ready to face the week.

There's so much that I can't blog about regarding the kiddos because of the fact that they are in state care, that I've been trying to avoid writing about the subject as much as I can. Not that there isn't anything to write about... I just can't be very specific.

They've been here 5 1/2 weeks though, and they're a HUGE part of our world right now, so I'll give you a little update the best I can.

We still don't know how long they'll be here. It's kind of been a 'wait and see' game from day 1. There are so many factors that it's almost impossible to put a time frame on it. So, we 'wait and see'. Truly, we're taking things one day at a time around here!

We had a tough week last week with a couple of explosive incidences that simply left us worn out and exhausted. We have some good days, some really good days, some not-so-good days and some flat-out bad days. There were a few bad days in a row last week, and since they came back-to-back I hadn't an ounce of energy or emotion left to give anyone. It was kind of a breaking point for me, but a good one.

It was good because it forced me to seek out answers to some questions by some really helpful people who work for the state who gave us some really good ideas and advice. And, it's also speeding up getting some really necessary services in place.

So, although the week started out rough, it actually ended really well. We spent the weekend with my family in St. Helens and the 4 kiddos all did GREAT. I mean, seriously great. It was so refreshing to have some good quality time with family. I seriously don't think any of the kids even had a time-out all weekend!

Speaking with one of the state workers she said that we're at the typical stage where the honeymoon is over and there will some revolting and testing before things settle into a normal routine. It was good to hear that it was normal! The fact that we've now had several really good days in a row gives me hope that perhaps we're at the 'settling into a normal routine' stage. Of course, everything could change today!

I think that's seriously one of the hardest parts... just never knowing what the day is going to bring. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to what makes some days better or worse than others.

But, today, today is going to be a good day. Today is going to be a good day, because even if it's a bad day as far as behaviors are concerned... I'm ready to face it. It's been so nice to have a stretch of several good days to increase my energy reserve!


The Elliotts said...

You rock Robyn! Your blog immediately made me think of this specific passage: "Because of the Lord's great love we are not consumed, for His compassions never fail. They are new every morning, great is Your faithfulnness." Lam. 3:22-23

Beckys blog said...

You can do it!

Barbara said...

God is our refuge and strength...HE is there for you!!