Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Fun

We spread our Easter fun out over a full weekend this year. We went to St. Helens on Friday for the kids to visit their parents and we stayed over-night at Aunt Pam's house. All went surprisingly well for having all four of them out and about and loaded up with sugar for the weekend!

Leeann and Logan got to start their Easter fun a little early during their small group on Wednesday night. They got to go on a treasure hunt for Resurrection eggs and hear the Easter story.
Then we got to celebrate with our family, having an Easter egg hunt and great family dinner on Saturday.

Leeann raked in more than $10!

Titus only made $4 something. He kept shaking the eggs to see if they had anything in them, or he'd open them up to see what there was... hence only $4!
Hope made $8 something and Logan got $14+!

Leeann and I counting her loot.

She was so proud of herself :0)

This is Titus with his Uncle Jason (my brother).

Titus found a squirt gun!
This is my cousin Jenni, Rich, Bowen and Dallas. I haven't yet mentioned how super they are. Last weekend they made a 2 hour drive and stayed the night so I could coordinate a wedding rehearsal and wedding. Rob was at school for the weekend so we were in a tight spot. Four kiddos makes some things (like child-care) a little tougher! Thanks guys!

This is my handsome boy at church today. Isn't he cute?

Seriously, do they come any cuter?

Leeann did a hunt in one of the classrooms... all she needed was more candy!

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