Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Debt Snowball

So, we officially started the debt snowball rolling tonight. This is where you get current on all of your bills, and begin paying off your debts with the smallest payment first.

Since medical companies are so on-top of their game we were excited (sense the dripping sarcasm) to open a $279.69 medical bill from Rob's 4th of July concussion at the Cool Pool. Yes folks, nearly a year later. Just when we're trying to pinch every penny to pay off debt. Arg!

So, for the world to see, as awkward as it is... here's how we fair:

$279.69 Medical Bill
$652.50 Ambulance Bill
$5,276.60 Rob's Student Loans
$14,611 Robyn's Student Loans
$20,819.79 Total Debt
It makes my stomach churn to think of how far in debt we are, even though it's far less than just a few short years ago when were new college graduates. We are fortunate to have never needed to run up credit card debt or have on-going vehicle payments.
Tonight we took a long hard look at our accounts, shifted around some money and put all the extra money we could muster into our debt snowball. Thanks to a hefty tax-refund this year it ended up being a significant amount of money. As tempted as I am to take a cruise, save for a new house, or splurge on some new clothes... we are committed to getting out of debt once and for all.
Our new debt total:
Rob's Student Loans: $2,066.64
Robyn's Student Loans: $14,611
$16,677.64 New Total Debt
So now we take the $40 per month that we were paying on the ambulance bill, plus any extra cash we come by (or can squeeze out) and add it to Rob's student loan payments. Once his are paid off, we'll add all of that to mine and hopefully be debt free (except for housing) by early 2013 at the very latest. It seems so far away, yet so close! Now the fun part is seeing how much quicker we can pay it off!
I can almost taste the freedom!

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