Saturday, June 21, 2008

Summer Solstice!

Today's the summer solstice so you hereby have my permission to eat all the ice cream you want ALL DAY LONG! We're having a small party here this year, but most of you are going to have to join us via satellite locations because we're figuring we'll already max out our place with just a few other families.

Rob and Leeann are out at Baskin Robbins this morning, after running a few errands (like getting new tires, ouch!) Titus and I are cleaning up our house (we did some more painting last night) to get ready for our party. Ah, and we're listening to Christmas music... why not?

A little Harry Conick Jr. coupled with getting ready for friends and ice cream... what could be better? Oh, it would help if Titus would stop crying because Leeann and daddy left without him. Minor details! Oh, and it would be help if baby Landon would be born, because I'm getting impatient! Maybe he'll be a Summer Solstice baby?

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Suzy said...

YOU'RE getting impatient!??? ha ha. Doesn't look like Landon will be a summer solstice baby. More likely a 4th of July one! I wish we could've eaten ice cream with you. I did just finish a bowl of Chocolate chip mint!