Thursday, June 05, 2008

Round 2, or 3, or 12?

So, Leeann crawled in bed with me this morning. She was unusually whiny, so I asked her to stay in my bed and try to get all of her whininess out while I changed Titus's diaper and helped him clean up his mess of books before breakfast.

Well, when I came back in she was asleep (which is really unusual). Shortly thereafter I was on the phone with Rob commenting that I think she might be getting sick because she's sleeping and a little pasty looking. If I were smart, I would have had the sense to move her off of my bed since I suspected she was getting sick...

A few minutes later I heard her whining loudly and I just knew she'd thrown up. Sure enough, my bed was covered in yuckiness. It's okay though, my sheets needed washed anyway :0)

So, today we're laying low, watching movies and doing lots and lots of laundry!

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