Monday, June 09, 2008

The Boys are Back in Town!

This is the only picture I could take before my camera battery died at the park the other day.

Rob, the kids and I took a day trip to Washington last week and picked up Weston and Logan so they could come play with us and give their soon-t0-pop mommy some time to rest and prepare for baby Landon's arrival. We've had a blast this week and it's been so good to have the boys around again. It's been almost a year since they've moved out and I forgot how much I missed them until they became a part of our daily lives again. The kids are having a BLAST with their cousins here. In some ways it's less work then just having my two because they play so well together and could care less whether or not mommy's playing with them. Of course it's more work in some ways too, but that's okay!

We've had play dates in the park, special dates with just uncle Rob/daddy (Weston got to go to the store and have chocolate milk at Starbucks, Logan got a smoothie date at Cold Stone and Leeann got chocolate milk at Starbucks too... Titus is patiently waiting his turn, and so am I!) We've done hair cuts, McDonald's, church and graduation parties. Card making, park-playing and lots and lots of movie watching! Last night they came with us to our 8:30 softball game and didn't get into bed until 10:20. Shhh, don't tell Aunt Suzy!

We've had lots of fun. I'm not sure when we'll take them back... I keep hoping baby Landon will come and we can kill two birds with one stone! Come on baby Landon, hurry up, I'm getting anxious!
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