Monday, June 30, 2008

Leeann's Birthday list ideas according to Leeann: "Um, I want a Christmas crown and a Christmas dress, and uh, a happy Christmas holiday shirt and a Christmas holiday skirt and a Christmas holiday blankey and a Christmas holiday picture and a Christmas holiday Aurora things, and ah, Barbie thingy like my Cinderella and Christmas beautiful lovely holiday beautiful beautiful cup... like we put water in it like something, or a new happy holiday chair for Titus in blue or orange or green cause that's his favorite colors. Also a new holiday picture for Mee Maw for her birthday and I also want a new computer for daddy and a new computer for Weston and Logan cause their other computer is about to run out of batteries, a new special Christmas holiday movie that I can watch with Barbies in it. And a purple new shirt and a new sleeping light that I won't be afraid of the dark, and uh... let me think, and just a lot of toys. And a new Cars movie for Titus cause that one is skipping and a new computer for me and for Titus and a new computer for Aunt Shelly and for Mee Maw, and for Sarah. And a picture of my family. That's all mama!"

Leeann's Birthday list ideas according to Mommy:
Leap Frog Word Factory DVD
Meet the Robinson's DVD
An Aurora Barbie
A Snow White Barbie
An Ariel Barbie
Really... anything princessy!
Candy Land
Hi Ho Cherrio
A bride and/or groom Barbie
A softball mit or bat,
A tennis racket
Twin Time Loving Family doll house accessories (we have the African American family, the little girls room, the horse and the dining room sets.)
Any of the princess movies on DVD
Spending money for our special Disneyland trip (okay, it's still a year and a half away!)

Current Size: 11 Shoe, 6-7 in clothes.

Big Ticket Items:
A T.V. with a DVD player
A Portable DVD player
An American Girl Doll: Samantha
Piano Lessons
Swim Lessons

We took Leeann to the mall on Saturday to escape the heat and let Leeann give us some ideas for her birthday. Based on our trip, the above list is the best I could up with. I just asked her what she remembered from the store that she wants to put on her list but she obviously didn't give me a lot to actually go off of! She's so cute, but sometimes she just rambles on and doesn't make a whole lot of sense!

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