Wednesday, June 04, 2008

St. Helens

The kids and I went to St. Helens last week for my cousins wife's baby shower while Rob was at Convergence.

I wasn't sure how Titus would do in the middle of a baby shower. Luckily it was at 2:00 and Dr. Seuss did the trick! He spent the duration of the shower in la la land!
Leeann is playing a coupon cutting game. She was having fun being 'one of the girls'!
This is Nancy Jo showing off one of her cool gifts.
Saturday evening we met up at the park with my siblings. This is my step-brother Brent.
This is my older brother Jason, his girlfriend Heidi and her daughter Chelsey.
Uncle Jason and Titus
Me and my little sister Hope.
We share a birthday and the same cheesy grin :0)
Hope and Titus.
My aunt Patty had to bribe my little brother Logan for this picture. He got a couple of bucks and a pack of gum out of the deal. Of course, Hope looks goofy in the one picture that turned out decent of Logan. Such is life!

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