Monday, October 02, 2006

10 Months Old Today

My baby boy is 10 months old today. I've said this before and I'll keep on saying it--time flies!

Titus has one tooth (his bottom right)
He sits up for extended periods of time without problem
He's ditched the army crawl for the baby crawl
He climbs up on furniture and walks around it
He loves to clap his hands, especially when he see's someone excited, or when you tell him no!
His favorite song is ABC's, he stops crying when you sing it to him, especially if your name is Leeann
His favorite person is his sister
He smiles--a lot!
He loves to laugh and giggle
He sometimes says 'da-da'
He travels well, we rarely have problems with him in the car, but that might be because he gets to just stare at his sister!
He's sleeping through the night, on average 11 hours even
He's starting to revolt against the pack-n-play, he wants his freedom
He's super squirmy. Changing him and bathing him are very difficult at this stage
He's never met a food item that he didn't like, just like his sister
He loves going on walks
He's rarely fussy when we're around people or in a new place, he's just taking in the world!
His eyes are brown around his pupil, then they're blue on the outside. What color does that make his eyes? Blown?
He's still in 3-6 month clothes for the most part
He's still off the bottom of the charts in height and weight
He still looks like he's about 6 months old
Anytime I walk into the room he starts crying. It gets obnoxious!
He's the most handsome little boy I ever did see!!!

And now you know most everything there is to know about my 10 month-old son!

Proud Mommy


Anonymous said...

Arrived at your blog after clicking on the Next Blog button.

You have a great blog. Happy days when the kids are young. Mine have now all grown and moved on, but many wonderful memories. Enjoy yourfamily.

The Rumreys said...

Robyn, thanks for popping in our our blog, and thanks for sharing your joy for your family.

Pooka said...

What a cutie! Titus totally has your eyes! Todd didn't understand "no" until he was about 11 1/2 months. Even now, he still thinks it's funny when I say it sometimes. You're lucky to have a small boy, he'll use his clothes longer and even better-the smaller, cheaper diapers longer! He'll also seem more babylike longer, and you can really enjoy his babyhood.

Aunt Shelly said...

I feel honored to make comments on your blog now. Mike from the UK?? How way cool!!

Jennifer said...

Those are really great pictures!